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The Big 3... Why So Eager to be on the Move?

The latest NFL rumors suggest that the upcoming offseason could feature a wild quarterback carousel, as three marquee signal callers have already been traded, and a fourth and fifth is expected to be moved here in the near future.

Both Matthew Stafford and Jared Goff, two quarterbacks that in our eyes seem to be no better than the other, were shipped off in a blockbuster trade, swapping home towns in an apparent attempt to freshen up the new scenery in both Detroit and LA. The Philadelphia Eagles have also recently traded their former 1st round pick, Carson Wentz, who out of any NFL QBs first 3 seasons ranks as 4th best, to the Indianapolis Colts and both Deshaun Watson and Russell Wilson have been open to the idea that they want out of their respective cities as well.

Where will Watson and Wilson end up for the 2021 season? And why have so many of the best offensive field sheriffs been so eager to be on the chopping block this offseason? As professionals in the world of sports relationships, we at Playing The Field™ have our own theories as to why these relationships have fallen apart, and what needs to be done in order to avoid these issues in the future.

Deshaun Watson - An unhappy man, trapped

Weeks of rumors that Watson was unhappy with the Houston Texans culminated with the quarterback officially asking for a trade, publicly speaking out about his wish to be removed from his relationship with Houston. The Texans, having the upper hand in contract obligations, don't have to give in to Watsons demands, but when a superstar of Watson's caliber wants out, he usually gets his wish. The issue here, is that in any largely public relationship where one side feels as though they are putting in more effort than the other (in this case that being Watson), it in most cases spells the beginning of the end of that relationship.

The Texans have attempted to build a team that allows for Watson to succeed as a quarterback in todays league, but what they have failed to do beyond any reasonable doubt, is provide a line that can adequately protect him enough for him to be an efficient passer. To Watson, the Texans effort to provide has fallen short, and his interest for continuing the relationship has therefore become non existent. This is easily understood from the view of person to person relationships, and in order for whomever is capable of picking up Watson in the future, to provide for him in a way that makes him feel as if they are holding up their side of the bargain, it is imperative for them to have a line to protect him. Giving him time to throw the ball down field is key, and will turn an unhappy man who feels trapped, into a man who feels confident and is able to lead in the relationship, creating happiness and relationship cohesiveness.

Russell Wilson - Expectations that have fallen short, but can it be worked out?

Seattle has received multiple calls from teams looking to bolster their offensive play from the quarterback position in recent weeks, in an attempt to acquire Wilson amid a CBS Sports report, where Wilson acknowledges the fact that he's frustrated with the teams lack of offensive line ability (sound familiar?), and that his chances of success has been hindered by the teams inability to produce top notch talent in that position. The difference here however, compared to Watsons issues with the inability to produce, is that Wilson is an MVP candidate who has signed a long term contract, and although he may not be completely happy with the relationship, the leverage here lies more along the lines of the organization, and their loyalty to Wilson still holds firm. Therefore, as in many relationships between individuals, it is more beneficial for both sides to ease the conflict by conversation and listening, an effective tool in mending relationship troubles (take notes guys). The Seahawks will be outstanding listeners to Wilsons needs this offseason, and I think in the long run due to this, will produce an updated line that meets Wilsons expectations, generating yet again a happy and healthy relationship between the two.

Carson Wentz - So lost in this world

The relationship with Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles has gotten more than spicy over the past couple of months, as he was benched in Week 13 for Jalen Hurts, a rookie second round pick who at the beginning of the season was seen as little threat to Wentz's throne. This changing of the guard proved to be to much for Wentz to accept however, and he asked to be traded shortly after the Week 13 debacle. Being replaced by anyone in any relationship is a massive blow to ones ego, so we feel for Wentz on that front as many probably do, however, it must also be stated that the quarterback change in Philadelphia had not gone unwarranted, as his poor play was more than apparent after his breakout 2017 season.

What's next for someone then, who had purposefully been chosen over and is now in a minor state of ego bruised chaos within an unhealthy relationship? MOVE ON, and this is exactly what Wentz has recently been able to do.

The Indianapolis Colts, whose coaching staff has members within it that were apart of Wentz's breakout years in Philadelphia, has taken the bait and it seems as though this new relationship could have a very positive outcome for both parties. The Colts line is one of the best in the league, which was one of the largest reasons as to why Wentz had such issues in Philly, and the change of scenery and the feeling of being apart of a team who actually wants him, could dramatically change his attitude, and bring forth a new era of greatness in Wentz's career.

Our takeaway from all this?

Trading spouses for compensation is always frowned upon, however, a change of scenery in a situation where both parties have distanced themselves is never a bad idea, and beyond anything else, it is always important to communicate and listen. Some of the most heated issues can be resolved if both parties are willing to listen and understand what the other side needs. When pursuing your MVP, success involves sacrifice, and here at Playing The Field™, we see sports as being no different.

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